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5 Reasons You Need A Model Coach

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I'm an Australian-based creative, Model and Branding Coach with big dreams of helping aspiring Models make their way into the industry and thrive. I'm obsessed with: integrity, authenticity, a tidy home, smashed avocado, and being the person I needed when I was younger.

PSA: I don't take myself too seriously, though I do take my work seriously.

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Listen up my fabulous fashionistas. If you’re an aspiring model then you know that the industry can be cutthroat and competitive. Though fear not, because I’m here to spill the tea on why you need a model coach in your corner. A mentor, a guide, a guru – someone who can help you navigate the ins and outs of this mysterious, fast-paced and competitive model world, and give you the tools you need to succeed. So buckle up, grab your heels, and let’s dive into the top five reasons why you need a model coach and how to find the perfect fit for you.

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Hey there, I’m Kate. Your new BFF in the model industry!

I’m all about straight talk (calling it for what it is), a strong work ethic, short emails and helping you find your model superpower. I’m not about bandaid fixes, setting unrealistic goals, toxic positivity or an unhealthy hustle game. When it comes to modelling as a profession, I’ve built my way up from the bottom. No connections, no family support, no inheritance or financial aid, no special favours. Just blood, sweat, skills and consistency. Over the past 10+ years I’ve learnt a few things along the way. And by combining my business qualifications and work experience with my model industry experience, I have created and curated content specifically to help aspiring models get into the industry and thrive. 

To be clear, model coaching is my business. In saying that, I pride myself on providing independent advice for models to make the best and most informed choice for them and their goals. If this is you, please read on.

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Get to know me!

For transparency, please do your own due diligence to see if we’d be a great fit to work together. I’m an empath and believe you need to vibe with me as much as I need to vibe with you. You can read more about me here: ABOUT, view my press here: PRESS, and check out my socials here: INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. You can also check out more of my background with beauty pageants (competing and judging) in this article here: What Does a Pageant Judge Look For? Read about what my students are saying here: TESTIMONIALS.

Now that we’re introduced, let’s get into the good stuff. 

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Do YOU need a Model Coach?

Aspiring models often dream of walking down runways, gracing the pages of magazines, and featuring in advertisements for top brands. However, the path to success in the model industry can be difficult and fraught with challenges. It’s why you need to pay attention to your surroundings, do your research for the type of model categories you’d like to work in, check out local model and talent agencies to get signed and start or build on your model portfolio to show up as a professional. 

One of the many reasons you may wish to invest in a Model Coach is because you don’t know where to start, or all of the time and effort you’ve poured into trying to start or level up your model career hasn’t gotten you anywhere. 

If you’re reading this and nodding your head… perfect. The first step is acknowledging that you need some help. Power to you. So, let’s start from the beginning.

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What Is A Model Coach?

A Model Coach is a professional who provides coaching and guidance to aspiring models. They typically have extensive experience in the model industry and can offer advice on various aspects of modelling, including building your model brand, networking, portfolio development, social media guidance, securing an agent, manager or publicist, runway (aka walking or catwalk) coaching, posing, wardrobe selection and more. 

A Model Coach can work with models of all experience levels, from beginners, to those who have been working in the industry for some time. They can help models build confidence, learn industry standards, navigate the model industry, and develop the skills needed to succeed in the competitive world of modelling.

As you get to know me you’ll consistently hear me say “modelling is 20% looks and 80% business.” I stand by that today and I will tomorrow too.

Model coaches may work independently, or they may be affiliated with model agencies or schools in their local area. They may offer one-on-one coaching sessions, group classes, or workshops, and they may work with models in person or remotely via video conferencing (this could previously have been Skype, though with the progression and ease of technology, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the front runners for virtual calls).

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Overall, a Model Coach can be a valuable resource for aspiring models who want to improve their skills, gain a better understanding of the industry, and increase their chances of success (aka booking more work, earning more money, and building their model profile).

Why Might You Need A Model Coach?

If you’re an aspiring model and you need help getting started or want to level up your model game (because what you’ve tried isn’t working) it might be time for you to invest in a Model Coach. Here are five reasons why you might need a model coach:

1. To help you build confidence

Modelling can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re just starting out. A Model Coach can help build your confidence, emotionally and physically. They will also help you learn how to pose for the camera, how to walk with poise and grace and guide you with effective communication techniques for how to interact with clients and photographers with confidence – at castings and during campaigns photoshoots. Remember, every professional was once an amateur. 

2. To help you develop a better and more professional portfolio.

A Model Coach can help you develop a professional portfolio that showcases your diversity, strengths and abilities. They can help you choose the best outfits, poses, and locations for your photo shoots. A well-crafted portfolio is essential for landing paid model jobs and attracting potential clients. They’ll point you in the right direction to choosing who to collaborate with, and also give you sound advice on the aesthetics and strategy of your social media content. 

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3. To help you learn industry standards

The model industry has specific standards when it comes to height, weight, appearance and behaviour. A Model Coach can help you understand these standards and work with you to achieve the ideal look for the type of model work you want to do and how best to professionally interact in those various model and fashion environments. They can also provide guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining your mental health, to ensure you are at your best for success in the industry. They’ve walked the walk and they want to teach you the ropes.

4. To help you network with industry professionals (and avoid the scammers)

One of the biggest challenges for aspiring models is making connections in the industry. A Model Coach can introduce you to photographers, agents and other industry professionals who can help you advance your career. They can also provide advice on how to approach potential clients and make a lasting impression. If you want to ‘go places’ you’ll need a solid team who’ll help you grow and develop, and a moral support network for the times you need a boost. Levelling up is simply something you cannot do on your own. 

5. To help you navigate the industry

The model industry can be confusing and overwhelming for newcomers, especially given it’s ever changing and evolving. A Model Coach can help you navigate the ins and outs of the industry, including contracts, rates, legal issues, your rights and considerations to ensure your safety and wellbeing at all times. They can also provide guidance on how to avoid scams and work with reputable and legitimate agencies and clients.

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What do you think?

A Model Coach can be an invaluable resource for aspiring models. They can help you build confidence, develop a professional portfolio, learn industry standards, network with industry professionals, and navigate the model industry. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in modelling, investing in a Model Coach can be a smart choice and wise investment.

I wish you the success you work for and deserve!

Ps: This is a quality guide and I don’t mind you sharing it. I’d appreciate it if you follow standard professional etiquette and please quote + credit my content appropriately when you do: 

Kate Heussler | Instagram: @kateheussler Thank you!
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