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The Business of Beauty:
Model Workshops Sydney

A nutrient dense 1-day intensive masterclass for aspiring models who want exclusive access to premiere model education and training to start, or level up, their model career. 
Destination: Sydney, NSW 

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The Go-To Workshop for Models Looking to Level Up their Game (and have a great time doing it.)

Let’s talk about how to go from succumbing to the Instagram popularity contest and stressing about serving content that gets you no where -- to owning your career,  influence, sharing a snapshot of life that you already love and expanding on your education and capabilities to go from amateur to professional model... with a strategy.

Hey, I'm Kate!
Your New BFF
+ Model Coach.

I created 'The Business of Beauty' Model Workshops for Models just like you. It combines 10+ years of professional Model experience with 15+ years Business expertise across 3 continents, into a comprehensive, 1-day intensive masterclass.

During my career I have worked with some ah-mazing brands, won a pageant, launched an online business coaching models, travelled the world and created a human (she calls me 'Queen', I love it)! The best part - I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way to learn and grow, tamed my inner demons, and found my voice.

And I'd love to share those skills so YOU can fast-track your career!!

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My superpower is helping aspiring models become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life & career they actually want.

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the workshop IS FOR YOU IF:

You want to learn how to master and market your model genius.

You are so over your efforts to date getting you no where.

You want someone to tell you where to start without the years of trial & error.

You are open to expanding your model education with the help of a coach (and have an actual, for real sense of humour, and like laughing).

It’s easy to feel like we need to figure it all out on our own. That’s what I used to do, and it was the loneliest, most ineffective thing I’ve ever done.

Why go at it alone when we could do it together?

I have always lived by my truth that success in the Model industry doesn’t have to cost you your health, compromise your self worth or sacrifice your personal values. Your model career should be authentic to you, sustainable and profitable. 

Let me show you how!

what our students say

I have had the opportunity to go through my training with Kate and she is incredible! She's dedicated, caring, informative, honest and genuinely wants the best for her clients. Her knowledge and admiration towards you is contagious! Kate is the number 1 cheerleader that everyone needs in their career,
I can't speak highly enough of her! Thank you Kate xx

- Daniela

what our students say

Kate is fun, enthusiastic, and has an excellent insight into the modelling industry. I am fortunate to have worked with her and could not recommend her enough!

- Sam

what you will walk away with:

Dynamic runway and posing for fashion and commercial modelling.

An introduction to Branding. Education & curated advice for you to:

A clear and concise blueprint (your 'Action Items') to kick start, or level up, your Model Career.

7.5 hours exclusive access to 2 model coaches (specialising in fashion and business) and a professional photographer.

  • Start or level up your social media and online presence as a professional model (and break out of amateur phase)
  • Establish a professional website as an authentic creative
  • Secure an Agent (or how to start freelancing)
  • Enhance your communications skills to network and build your client list
  • Casting Techniques, role playing job applications
  • The exact blueprint you need to start or amplify your professional Model Portfolio (hint: it's not expensive). 

you're in the right place!

A complete set of Professional Digis.

A 1-2min custom Show Reel.

The only video file you need to kick start your YouTube account and start your Agency or freelance Job Role Submissions.
The only images you need for Agency Submissions and to start your professional model portfolio.

SAVE $100k

cost of trial and error to build my portfolio over 10+ years


of university + tafe that I completed to learn marketing, communications + social media strategy


cost of a runway coach for 1 day


cost of a model coach for 1 day





Who is this for?

The Business of Beauty Workshops are suitable for Models 15+, all genders, ethnicities and nationalities. *Models 15-17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult guardian. FYI: We are proudly pro-choice and LGBQTI+ friendly.

Thanks for asking!

What level and type of Modelling will I learn?

Best for aspiring and intermediate Models who want to break into, or level up, in Fashion/Editorial, Commercial, Runway, Swimwear/Underwear, Fitness, Print, Glamour, Parts, Fit, and Promotional Modelling.

What is the class size?

Class sizes are purposefully kept small so we can tailor training individually. Availability is limited to 15 students per workshop.

Where is the workshop located?

The venue is 35km West from Sydney CBD and accessible by car, train or bus. There is ample parking onsite for those who will travel by car. For the safety of the team and participants the studio location will be provided to Models who are confirmed participants only. Models travelling from outer Sydney or interstate will be required to book their own travel & accomodation where required.

Do you have any other workshop dates/locations?

Yes! We have more Model Workshops in the planning stages for Sydney (and other capital cities). If you don't see any dates/locations that work for you, please use the CONTACT form to let us know your needs and preferences.

If I have more questions who can I contact?

Please contact Kate Heussler using the CONTACT form on the website. Please expect all correspondence to come from: coach@kateheussler.com