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Learn How To Become
a Professional Model

A comprehensive and easy to follow online program for everything you need to start and build your Model career, the professional way, the first time.

want to fast track your career?

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own your career with a strategy

Everything you need to know to get started or level up your game in the Model industry.

Let’s talk about how to go from succumbing to the Instagram popularity contest and stressing about your dream going nowhere.

This course was created for all aspiring Models, no matter your background or experience level, with a step-by-step 12-month blueprint to learn and develop your unique gifts, to establish yourself as an authentic creative. 

I created the 'How to Become a Model' online course for aspiring Models just like YOU. It combines 10+ years of Model experience with 15+ years Business expertise across 3 continents, into a comprehensive, easy to follow online course. The best part? You can be anyone from anywhere and have access to training and education that is traditionally unattainable. Walk away with a 12 month blueprint to turn your dream into a reality and a new found confidence to love the skin you're in.

During my career I have worked with some ah-mazing brands, won a pageant, launched an online business coaching models, travelled the world and created a human (she calls me 'Queen', I love it)! The best part - I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way to learn and grow, tamed my inner demons, and found my voice.

I'm here to share those skills with you so YOU can fast-track your career!!

you may have seen me in:

I’m here to help show you how.

I have always lived by my truth that success in the Model industry doesn’t have to cost you your health, compromise your self worth or sacrifice your personal values.

Trying something new and daring to turn your dreams into a reality is what I’m all about!

Your model career should be authentic to you, sustainable and profitable. 

You're stronger than you think you are.

If you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level.

My superpower is helping aspiring Models become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life & career they actually want. The question is... Do you want to go pro?

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this course IS FOR YOU IF:

You want to learn how to master and market your model genius, with a strategy.

You are so over your efforts to date getting you nowhere.

You want someone to tell you where to start without the years of trial & error.

You are open to expanding your Model education & putting in the work to achieve your goals.

Why figure it out
on your own?

You are looking to create or build your brand, secure professional opportunities, and monetise your experience, passions and knowledge.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Lifetime access to all training, including resource upgrades. 
Do you want instant access?

I'll be your biggest cheerleader!

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best savings:
one time payment

best value:
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you will walk away with:

Education to choose from 10 different Model categories (you're not just limited to just Fashion)

Refined business skills to establish yourself as an authentic creative

A clear and concise blueprint (your 'Action Items') to kick start, or level up, your Model Career in the next 12 months.

Model Resources: Digital downloads, templates, contacts and referrals. Lifetime access to all tutorials & resource library upgrades. 

  • Curated training for you to start or level up your social media and online presence as a professional model (and break out of amateur phase)
  • New found confidence to glow up your 'Model Mindset'
  • How to secure an Agent and/or start freelancing
  • Enhanced communication skills to network & build your client list
  • Casting techniques & scripts for the ideal 'elevator pitch' to win the role
  • Direction to start or amplify your professional Model Portfolio (the only photos & videos you *actually* need). 

Industry insights & Model etiquette

Your Model Strategy

A clear blue print on how to create, build, nurture, market and grow your unique Model offering.
Case studies, recommended do's and don'ts with modern Model etiquette applied so you're confidently presenting yourself professionally.

One day or day one? You decide.

Content refreshed often based on student feedback & industry shifts.


Kate spoke well and shared all about her personal experience which was really helpful to learn from. I felt she shared a detailed insight into the modelling industry and how to make your own way. I enjoyed the sessions and now feel much more comfortable with my pathway as a model. I still have a lot to learn but hearing another model’s experience opened my eyes to the bigger picture and where my future could lead.

Amanda.G, TAS



I found Kate's course extremely beneficial and I would consider it the most important course from my model training to date. I will use and remember everything Kate taught me and apply it to my modelling and personal life.

Isobel Lobban, TAS


This could be you....

The way Kate delivered and explained the content, answered questions and also provided context with your own experiences, was extremely helpful. (P.S. Thanks heaps of the elixir recipe has been a straight up lifesaver). Both the Branding and Castings courses were very informative and exposed me to certain topics and areas that I had never thought of that will benefit my future modelling career. Would recommend it for any aspiring/up-and-coming model.

Riverson.R, WA


Honestly Kate was very inspiring and a very good teacher. Along with being very kind and patient, Kate is an amazing coach and a great mentor. I felt safe and happy to open myself up to her and learnt more than I expected, I will definitely be coming back.

Saul Pitman, TAS


A woman of power, persistence and poise - Kate taught me everything there is to know about working as a model. She was the perfect model in every sense of the word - a thriving success in the modelling industry, and a role model to young and ambitious women everywhere.  Kate was patient and passionate as a coach, and was always pushing me to grow. She tailored her training to my specific needs, and knew my personal strengths and weaknesses. Above all, Kate was always very supportive of me and showed genuine interest in my development and success.

Aleisha.N, NSW


SAVE $100k

cost of trial and error to build a portfolio over 10+ years


of university + tafe to complete and learn marketing, communications + social media strategy


cost of a runway coach for 1 day


cost of a model coach for 1 day




Are you looking to fast track your Model career?
Let's do that thing you've always wanted to do!

everything I wish I knew when I started

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enroll now

best savings:
one time payment

best value:
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Who is this for?

Beginner and intermediate level models who want to start out in the industry, the right way, the first time. Our online course content is suitable and age appropriate for ages 15+, any gender, and no prior experience is necessary. If you are under the age of 18, please get approval by a parent or guardian to purchase this course.

Thanks for asking!

What level and type of Modelling will I learn?

This is best for aspiring and intermediate Models who want to break into, or level up, in Fashion/Editorial, Commercial, Runway, Swimwear/Underwear, Fitness, Print, Glamour, Parts, Fit, and Promotional Modelling.

What do I need to complete this online course?

This program is formatted for laptop/desktop devices. While you can access it on a phone or tablet, it is HIGHLY recommended to do the program on a laptop/desktop device.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

There is no set time from start to finish, everyone learns at a different pace. It is completely self-paced, so you can complete it at a time that best suits you. You have lifetime access to the course for the duration of the program lifespan.

What are the benefits of completing this course?

You have the ability to immediately fast track your Model career by learning essential model life skills, industry etiquette, how to create and maintain your personal brand, leverage your social media and influence to attract the right clients, land an Agent, build your portfolio, secure media and establish public relations, and most importantly develop lasting self-confidence and financial independence along the way.

Thanks for asking!

Is this course sponsored or affiliated with an Agency, Brand, or Business?

All of our online course content and coaching is 100% independent and authentic. The only person benefiting is you.

Online learning doesn’t suit me. What if I’d like tailored Model advice specific for me?

You have the option to book in for a personalised coaching session at a day/time of your choosing. Refer to the COACHING page to select your preference.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, and instant access to its entirety, we are unable to offer refunds. 

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please refer to the FAQs page for more. Alternatively you're able to contact us using the CONTACT form on the website. Please expect all legitimate correspondence to come from:

Can I share my login details with others?

We kindly request that you do not share your personal student login information. The enrolment fee is per person and we request that, with integrity, you do not share your password and login details. If our system detects multiple logins from different IP addresses, it will freeze your access. 

How do I access the course?

The program is entirely online and you can access it at by logging in to your account (in the top right-hand corner of the screen where it says ‘Login/Account’). Once you are logged in, you can manage your student access and personal details, and start or resume the course at any time you have access to the Internet.