Welcome to the Model Masterclass! Or as I like to call it, your digital MBA in Model Etiquette (aka the rule book), minus the student loan debt and years of frustrating trial and error  trying to figure it out on your own.

Are you ready to fast track your Model career?

The Model Masterclass

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I’m here to help show you how.

I have always lived by my truth that success in the Model industry doesn’t have to cost you your health, compromise your self worth or sacrifice your personal values.
Trying something new and daring to turn your dreams into a reality is what I’m all about!
Your model career should be authentic to you, sustainable and profitable. 

You're stronger than you think you are.

If you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level.

Option for personalised coaching sessions to help you start or build your Model career. Your opportunity to have those burning questions answered (openly and honestly).

1:1 coaching

All the tips and advice to level up your Model portfolio and online presence, with design, communications and marketing advice that you didn't need to go to University for (I did for you)!

branding strategy

Access to professional Model training that will help you get into the industry and thrive, no matter your age, background or experience. Access from anywhere, anytime.

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Let’s talk about the fundamentals of being a professional Model and establishing yourself as an authentic creative.

Launching soon! A comprehensive guide for everything you need to start and build your Model career, the professional way, the first time.

How to Become
a Model

Signature Course

PERSONAL ADMIN: establishing healthy and positive habits to keep your physical and digital life organised, productive and efficient. Work smarter to secure an Agent and ongoing Casting requests.

a deep dive into your existing relationship with health, wellness and money. Supporting you to become self reliant, self sufficient and resourceful to thrive.

MINDSET GLOW UP: Getting squared away (emotionally and mentally), identifying + unlearning your own toxic traits, befriending your inner critic and becoming best friends with the person you see in the mirror.

what can YOU CAN EXPECT to learn:

ACTUAL TRAITS OF A PROFESSIONAL MODEL: Attitude, deportment, communication & knowing your worth. The largely underrated attributes that set you up for life - as a Model - and beyond.

REPUTATION: Understanding the 12 Universal Laws and how it applies to working life as a model, online and offline. Hot Tip: Rejection & failure are ALL parts of your success story.

MODELLING IS A JOB: Now you have the industry knowledge, it's your time to shine! Where to start, what to do, and what's next.

THE DNA OF BRANDING: What is it, and why is it important? The 10 Golden Rules to building, and maintaining a personal brand. The how & why to establish and 'self audit' your personal conduct, comp card, website & social media.


With knowledge comes confidence. From industry etiquette, branding yourself as a business and leveraging your social media to building your public relations and media profile.

This course is a deep dive into creating and maintaining your personal brand, securing an Agent, starting a portfolio, managing sustainable bookings and most importantly developing lasting self-confidence and financial independence along the way.

Branding + Reputation

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Your opportunity to have those burning questions answered (openly and honestly) with Kate, who’ll bring her candid life experience and professional expertise as a Model, Graphic Designer, Business, Social Media + Marketing Specialist. With a hint of mama flare too.

Sessions are for 1 hour, held via Zoom,
at a date/time of your choosing.

A detailed and personalised coaching session to help you start or build your Model or Pageant career.

1:1 Coaching

Just you & me!

Success Stories


- Riverson.R, WA
former student

The way Kate delivered and explained the content, answered questions and also provided context with her own experiences, was extremely helpful. The courses were very informative and exposed me to certain topics and areas that I had never thought of that will benefit my future modelling career. Would recommend it
for any aspiring/up-and-coming model.

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The secret sauce that turns an ordinary person into a professional model.

10 Tips to Win a
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