As a Model Coach with 10+ years industry experience, Kate can help you unleash your inner superstar and have you strutting with unapologetic confidence that'll make the world take notice.  Whether you want to pursue a model casting, fashion week or a beauty pageant, Kate has the expertise to help you level up and succeed. 

Elevate your runway technique with Kate Heussler.

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Kate Heussler offers a range of Runway Coaching services to suit your individual needs as a professional Model or Pageant Candidate. All runway coaching is Saturday's by-appointment, located in Sydney, NSW. With Kate's expert guidance, you'll learn everything you need to know to confidently enter or level up your competition in a model casting, on stage for your first or next pageant or any room you enter. As a former Australian and international title holder, Kate wants you to win too!

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level.


bespoke runway

Runway and catwalk coaching offered in-person on Saturday's by appointment in Sydney, NSW.


Runway, posing + posture coaching that will serve you well, no matter your audience, stage or room you enter.

universal skills

Catwalk training for Models or Pageant Representatives entering a Miss Teen, Miss, Ms, Mrs, Classic or Mr.

During Kate's runway coaching, students will dive into an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and brand elevation! With infectious energy and a touch of pizzazz, Kate's expert catwalk training will empower you to strut your stuff with confidence and grace. Master the art of catwalk for your local or national fashion week, a model casting, a stage performance, a beauty pageant or everyday life.

Catwalk training for fashion week, model castings or beauty pageants. Destination: Sydney, NSW

Bespoke runway coaching

Designed to empower you with the skills to command the stage. With Kate's infectious enthusiasm, students will learn the art of commanding the spotlight and owning every moment on stage. From perfecting your catwalk to unleashing your inner diva, Kate will impart her expertise on how to captivate the audience with an electrifying presence. Learn the power of body language, striking poses, and learn to exude an irresistible charm. Become the epitome of poise and charm, and seize your moment in the spotlight!

Get ready to light up the stage and dazzle the crowd with Kate as your guide!

On-stage presentation

All eyes on you! The secret weapon that elevates your entire look and exudes confidence from head to toe? Impeccable posture. Say goodbye to slumping shoulders, without the yelling of a baby boomer parent or military drill instructor, and hello to dynamic poses and facial expressions. Get ready to rock the runway with confidence and grace with Kate's runway coaching for posture and posing techniques. Because when you stand tall and strike a pose, you're unstoppable!

Become a shining example of poise, charisma and influence.

Posture + Posing Techniques

Confidence and resilience are essential qualities for success on the runway. Kate is in your corner, has your back and will be your ultimate hype-girl to see you succeed. Kate's lived expertise as a former title holder and Model Coach will empower you to break free from self-doubt, embrace your unique qualities and step onto the stage with the belief that you are deserving of success, no matter your background or where your journey takes you.

Let's dismantle imposter syndrome and tame your inner voice in a safe and supportive environment.

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Success Stories


- Riverson.R, WA
former student

The way Kate delivered and explained the content, answered questions and also provided context with her own experiences, was extremely helpful. The courses were very informative and exposed me to certain topics and areas that I had never thought of that will benefit my future modelling career. Would recommend it
for any aspiring/up-and-coming model.

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