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Drawing on 15+ years of experience, my online courses are thoughtfully tailored to cater to individuals at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Discover the essential skills, strategies, and techniques necessary to navigate the business world successfully and build a robust, personalised approach for your brand. My courses will empower you to build your profile, engage new clients and achieve mastery in business and in life.


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How To Become a Model

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Are you dreaming of starting your own business though don't know where to begin? Be anyone from anywhere and learn the skills needed to turn your idea into a meaningful online services business.

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How To Start a Business

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I created my library of masterclasses for people just like YOU who want to learn and earn. It combines 15+ years of business expertise, 10+ years of fashion + entertainment industry experience across 3 continents, with 8 years of higher education - all into a comprehensive, self paced set of online programs. The best part? You can be anyone from anywhere and have access to training and education that is traditionally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars + years of your life that you don't have to waste.  Walk away feeling more confident in turning your dreams into a reality.

During my career I have worked with some ah-mazing brands, won a pageant, launched an online coaching business, travelled the world and created a human (she calls me 'Queen', I love it)! The best part - I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way to learn and grow, tamed my inner demons, and found my voice.

I'm here to share those skills with you so YOU can fast-track your career, enter a new industry, or turn the page on a new chapter in your life.

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Training with Kate was fun, relaxed and easy! She is so knowledgeable about the industry; it is invaluable learning from her. You have a blast while gaining business tips and advice from an industry professional. I cannot recommend Kate enough!

Amanda Devlin, TAS

The way Kate delivered and explained the content, answered questions and also provided context with your own experiences, was extremely helpful.

Riverson Robbins, WA

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