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Top 20 Model Agencies in Australia

I'm Kate!

I'm an Australian-based creative, Model and Branding Coach with big dreams of helping aspiring Models make their way into the industry and thrive. I'm obsessed with: integrity, authenticity, a tidy home, smashed avocado, and being the person I needed when I was younger.

PSA: I don't take myself too seriously, though I do take my work seriously.

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The only honest, professionally vetted go-to list you need to read of Australia’s top model agencies. The best in the business for new and experienced women, men, non-binary, classic, curve/plus-size, babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and pregnant models.

Professional advice

I’m all about sharing professional and reputable industry knowledge and advice. So you’ve come to the right place to learn about the Top 20 Model Agencies in Australia! If we haven’t yet met – Hi! I’m Kate. Your girl next door Aussie model, Model Coach and new BFF in the industry. 

This article that I have prepared on the “Top 20 Model Agencies in Australia” has been written to help aspiring models based in all corners of Australia (from babies, children, teens through to women, men, non-binary, curve/plus-size, classic/mature and pregnant models) and their parents/care givers gain access to a professional list of reputable model agents to approach for representation. 

From my 15+ years working as a Model and my 20+ years working as a branding and marketing specialist, the below list of model agencies I know are the best in the business. These homegrown local agencies, many with international connections, will without a doubt take your modelling career to the next level.

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Beware of model scams

Before we go any further, it’s a responsibility of any working professional in the creative industry to be readily open and transparent about the dangers, red flags and warning signs of model scams. The hunger (and a lot of the time – sheer desperation) for exposure, fame and fortune has led many aspiring models and their parents down the garden path to disappointment and being ripped off. Don’t let this be you, learn what to be on the lookout for.

Further reading: Avoid being exploited or a victim of a model scam. Learn How to tell if a Model Agency or Model Opportunity is legit. 

Further Reading: Model Agencies representing minors must follow strict legal requirements under Australian Law. Learn Office of the Children’s Guardian about employment for children.

Break the model myth: don’t wait to be discovered

There’s a common “model myth” that some lucky ones get discovered on the street, at the mall, or on the beach. Some of our favourite supermodels and Victoria’s Secret models were discovered in this exact way. So you’d be forgiven for thinking that this still happens. However it’s important to remember that we now live in a dramatically different time where standards, work practices and markets have changed.

The internet has opened up many opportunities for aspiring models that would never have been dreamed of in the industry 30 years ago. The internet allows model agents and model scouts to market their models instantly and worldwide at the click of a mouse. Social media also allows an ‘open door policy’ for any aspiring model, anywhere, to apply to be represented. 

If you’re an aspiring model, you can’t afford to wait around for the chance to be scouted. You need to put yourself out there to find work, and the best and most professional way to kick start your model career is by getting yourself signed with a reputable model or talent management agency. 

“Modelling is not a birthright purely based on how you look. Modelling is a job and a profession. In exactly the same way you’d apply for any other job in any other industry, there are certain prerequisites and criteria that need to be met, and also maintained, to be successful.” ~ Kate Heussler

Turn your dream into a reality

There are many reputable model agencies based in Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are the home of both fashion and commercial model agencies and are the two perfect cities to find your footing in the industry, and further develop your career. 

We all have a different look, physically and emotionally, so it is vital and far more important to find the perfect agency for YOU. This is where you will need to do your own in depth research and due diligence of your desired model agency, as their professional representation will not only benefit your career, it will also prevent the chance of you getting scammed or exploited.

Personal story

As a side note, I grew up in Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, in Australia. For my international readers this is colloquially referred to as ‘crocodile country’ thanks to the movie export ‘Crocodile Dundee’. If you’re an Aussie, you know Darwin is NOT known for its model agencies or fashion houses that are nationally or internationally recognised. Fast track to today, I am now based in Sydney, and there’s a whole story in between my starting point and now – including living abroad and working with some amazing brands (all with zero connections, no ‘bank of mum and dad’, and no support).

Take it from me that if you come from a small town, don’t have any industry connects and don’t know where to start, know that THIS was exactly my entry point into the industry too – from scratch. Find something that works for you locally, and work your way up from there. It’s what I did, and I have no doubt you can too!

If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO.

The IT list: Top model agencies in Australia

If working as a model is your dream, there’s no better time to start than now. Read on for my comprehensive and reputable guide to the Top 20 Model Agencies in Australia. For context, this list does not include agencies that specifically classify as acting, influencer, management or promotional agencies.

IMG Models – Sydney

Locations: New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, Sydney.
Divisions: Women, Men, Development, Celebrity, Influencers

IMG Models is the international leader in talent discovery and model management, widely recognised for their diverse client roster. The agency’s offices are located in six world capitals: New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, and Sydney.

Mark McCormack founded IMG Models as a new division of the hugely successful IMG Worldwide. He believed models could be managed as talent in the same vein as professional athletes, actors, and other entertainers, and that their popularity could be leveraged into strong personal brands beyond the magazine page or runway. McCormack’s conviction resulted in the industry’s highest standard of excellence. By managing careers over bookings, a point of difference that has propelled IMG Models’ nonstop growth, the agency has claimed the vanguard for over two decades.

In December 2013, IMG Worldwide was acquired by William Morris Endeavor, and is steadily growing into a unique global sports and entertainment platform.

Chic Management

Locations: Sydney, Brisbane
Divisions: Women, Men, Development, Bloggers, Chefs, Influencers, Talent

Chic Management was founded in 1992 and is now recognised as one of the world’s most respected model agencies. Chic Management manages the careers of some of the world’s leading names in modelling. Their clients are global, and Chic is often the first point of contact when looking for both emerging and established talent to represent their clients’ brands. 

Chic Management models have appeared in the world’s most recognised publications, appeared in campaigns for some of the world’s leading fashion houses and graced the international runways each season. The success of Chic Management is translated in its philosophy of managing careers of models with a defined, long term strategy. Chic Management works closely with their partners worldwide to manage the careers of their leading models.

The Chic Talent Management team is a dedicated team of media industry professionals with a diverse skill set enabling them to fully service their clients requirements- from brand development, endorsements, PR, brand licensing, publishing, profile building, musical theatre/acting and TV presenting to negotiation and overseeing contracts.

Chic Management encapsulates high fashion & commercial models, celebrity endorsements, music artist management, licensing and branding for their clients. They produce digital and photographic projects for models, talent and clients, product placement, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, interior designers, fashion designers, fashion stylists and full production facilities for stills and digital work. They have recently included Chic Bloggers Management and Entrée Management representing chefs as a full service strategy.

Chic prides itself in being a leader in the industry, by always moving into the future with creative, strategic ideas that not only benefit their talent but also the industry.

Vivien’s Models

Locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
Divisions: Women, Men, Curve, Development, Classic, Influencers

Vivien’s Model Management opened in Sydney in 1967 as the first of its kind in Australia, and was also the first model agency with no school of deportment attached. This was followed by branches in Melbourne in 1972, Brisbane in 1988 and Perth in 1996. 

On the world scale, Vivien’s is the second longest established agency in the world, and for that reason is internationally recognised as one of the leading agencies in Australia. There is a strong management team in each State, with most of the agents/managers having a long-standing association with the agency, ensuring expertise and efficiency in dealing with our talent and clients. 

Vivien’s fierce discipline and marketing led the agency in representing the top models in Australia and securing lucrative Australian deals and international representation on their behalf.  Vivien’s personal dedication to the needs of her models helped set industry standards and practices which remain to this day. Since 1967 Vivien’s has discovered, launched and managed the careers of many successful models who have gone on to achieve prominence and celebrity in not just the modelling world, but also in the spheres of television, film and music. Scouting through model searches plays a major role in Vivien’s success. 

The reputation and stature of Vivien’s has always guaranteed massive public interest, participation and publicity Australia-wide for their model searches. Vivien’s are constantly searching for special girls and guys with the goal of transforming a virtual unknown into model super-stardom!

Chadwick Models

Locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
Divisions: Women, Men, Development, Classic, Celebrity, Influencer

Chadwick Models has maintained a premier position in Australian and global fashion markets since it was founded in 1976. With 40+ years in business Chadwick’s has discovered and guided the careers of many of the most iconic models in the industry.

Household names like Elle MacPherson, Rachel Hunter, Megan Gale and Jessica Hart were all discovered through Chadwick Models. Current names, Adut Akech, Duckie Thot, Conlan Munari and Prince have since become leading names in the Industry. Chadwick Management also guides and develops some of the most viewed and influential social media identities in the country with a combined following of well over 10 Million. 

With a reputation for the highest level of professionalism, and the most sought after women and men in the industry, Chadwick’s enjoys close affiliations with all leading international agencies. Their leading position in the industry is a testament to a team of the most experienced and dedicated model managers and support staff in the country combining a level of service to our clients, affiliates and models that is second to none.

Boasting Australia’s premier Celebrity Management, together with Chadwick Models and Chadwick Influencer Divisions, they provide the most experienced, broad reaching and diverse Management Service available in Australia.

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Scoop Management

Location: Australia-wide
Divisions: Women, Men, Classic, Bloggers, Digital, Talent, Influencers

Scoop Management is the commercial division of Chic Management, Australia’s leading model and talent management agency. Founded in 2006, they now specialise in television commercials, mainstream fashion and editorial work. The success of Scoop Management is translated in its philosophy of managing careers of models with a defined, long term strategy. They also work closely with their international partners to manage the careers of their talent.

Scoop Management encapsulates high fashion and commercial models, celebrity endorsements, licensing, product placement, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, interior designers, fashion designers, fashion stylists and full production facilities for stills and digital work. In recent years, they have included Chic Bloggers Management as a full service digital strategy.

Scoop prides itself in being a leader in the industry, by always moving into the future with creative, strategic ideas that not only benefit their talent but also the industry.


Locations: Sydney, Melbourne
Divisions: Women, Men, Non-Binary, Curve, Classic, Talent, Creators, Screen

Plus size model agency BELLA Models was founded in 2002 by Chelsea Bonner, a former international size 14 model. Chelsea believed many women sacrifice their health and happiness to fit a manufactured ideal of beauty, and she set about changing that dialogue to redefine beauty and the boundaries placed on fashion models. 

Chelsea’s passion for body positivity and mental health in the industry caught the attention of clients on a global scale and became the mantra of her BELLA tribe. Now an internationally respected agency, BELLA boasts ‘world first’ covers and main fashion editorials for curve models in Sports Illustrated, Women’s Health, Seafolly, Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire to name a few.

The demand for BELLA’s holistic approach to model management was undeniable and in 2013 the brand launched a talent division, headed by Director Katherine Taylor. Originally from the UK, Katherine’s coveted role as Head Talent Manager saw her cast some of the biggest West End shows of the decade including Oliver, The sound of Music and The Lion King as well as countless TV commercials and TV Series throughout Europe and the UK.

BELLA established their main fashion board in 2015 under the experienced eye of Kerrie Press-May. With an impeccable career spanning more than two decades, Kerrie is highly regarded in the industry for her ability to scout and develop new models. Jacqui Morris and Sara Richardson joined BELLA in 2017, which saw the opening of their Melbourne office. Jacqui brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and an unparalleled sense of humour that has seen her through more than two decades in the industry. Sara has a keen eye for fashion and has booked her models on many high profile styling gigs. 

Kult Australia

Locations: Germany, London, Scandinavia, Sydney
Divisions: Women, Men, Non-Binary, Creators

Kult Australia opened the doors to its Sydney offices in 2016 as the most recent addition to Marco Cordes’ Kult Group. The brand dates back to its formative years, in 2001 in Germany, cultivating top male talent poised for sophisticated, global clientele. This recognition enabled the brand to establish a foothold in Europe, further its network into South Africa and eventually launch in Australia under the directorship of David Conway.

David has a ten year track record in both London and Sydney-based roles identifying talent, understanding the unique attributes of each of his models and developing longstanding careers. Kult Models are constantly featured in leading campaigns for Calvin Klein, Gucci, Valentino, Bottega Venetta, Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, to name just a few, and can also be seen in major publications.

Kult Australia saw additional potential for the Kult brand to foster female talent and in 2017 opened their books to expand its offering to their clients. Lizzi Leighton-Clark joined the Group with 15 years of scouting, development and model management experience and is Director of Kult Women.

The Kult Australia team continues the 16+ year legacy of the Kult Group, providing their talent a boutique approach to Australian model management as part of a formidable global group of agencies.

Priscillas Model Management

Boutique: Sydney, Melbourne
Divisions: Women, Men, Development, Celebrity

Priscillas Model Management is a Sydney-based, family-owned agency that has been fine tuning bright new faces for more than 20 years.

Priscillas represent top international and local female and male models. The agency’s founder, Priscilla Leighton Clark has been quoted “if you aren’t respectful, nice and well presented on a job, you’ll simply stop getting booked.

Doll Wright, head of booking and scouting at Priscillas, with more than a decade of booking experience across Sydney and New York, describes the Priscillas ethos as “very paternal, ethical and respectful. I feel there is a resurgence of not only ‘naturally beautiful’, but strong, intelligent models with personalities.”

WINK Models

Boutique: NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA
Divisions: Women, Men, Classic, Influencers, Sport/Fitness, Actors, Promotional

WINK Models was founded over a decade ago by entrepreneur and model, Taryn Williams. Since then, the agency has grown to represent over 400 models and actors across Australia. WINK Models has provided Australian models and promotional talent for some of country’s largest companies. They have worked with leading brands including Myer, Target, The Iconic, Samsung, Sephora, and many more.

As an agency they have extensive experience across a broad range of Fashion and Editorial work, TV Commercials, Print Advertising, Runway, Promotional Events and Influencers.

WINK proudly represent Australia’s premiere runway models, swimwear models, sports models, curve and plus-size models, actors and influencers. Their talent is diverse, ranging from 13 – 82 years of age, across numerous specialties including commercial, fashion, sports and fitness, promotional, event and influencer.

WINK admits that genetics plays its part, and they openly champion everybody and every body to ensure their talent comes armed with the intelligence, initiative and enthusiasm to elevate their clients’ brand. The opportunities are endless for you at WINK.

GIANT Management

Location: VIC
Divisions: Women, Men, Junior, Creative

Based in Melbourne, with exclusive clients both nationally and internationally, GIANT is regarded as one of the most dynamic modelling agencies in Australia. GIANT is known for its professionalism and top-tier talent, with a reputation for excellence. Having built solid relationships with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and respected modelling agencies, our focus is to be at the forefront of the industry helping mould our models’ futures by providing support, encouragement and one-on-one training wherever necessary.

Established in 1989 with a vision to set a new standard of professionalism for the modelling industry – GIANT continues to cement its position as a leading boutique model management agency in Australia.

Our goal is to build successful, lasting careers for models and creatives, by overseeing every stage of their development. At GIANT, we treat our talent as family. We focus on providing unrivalled support, encouragement and one-on-one training to prepare our models for successful careers in Australia and on the international stage. 

GIANT covers the whole spectrum of model and creative management. Our dedicated and savvy team are uniquely qualified to keep our clients at the forefront of the ever evolving world of modelling, and to ensure their talent are represented to their full potential. 

We work hard to ensure that the quality of our talent and the reputation of our exclusive agency are constantly upheld and continue to earn our position as Australia’s #1 boutique talent agency.

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Silverfox Management

Boutique: Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand
Divisions: Classic Women, Classic Men
, Icons/Influencers

Times are changing and there’s no better way to break down the stereotype that “all models need to be young” like a model agency that exclusively represents models aged 30 to 80+ years of age. The Co-Founder and Managing Director, Bridgette Warne, is constantly seeking to promote age-positivity within the fashion and beauty industries.

Some quick statistics – 50% of the Australian population is over 37 years old. The wealth of those aged 55+ is growing at a faster rate compared to any other demographic. And, despite the GFC, those aged 65+ control 30% of the total wealth in Australia. Mind blown! 

Silverfox Management understands that brands continue to chase the affections of the young, while simultaneously saying 40 is the new 30, 60 the new 50 or even the new 45. They are actively reinventing the model industry, one silver fox at a time. Their mission is to represent Australia’s most in-demand models; those well-travelled trailblazers, whose beauty and intrigue transcends age. 

Five Twenty Model Management

Boutique: Sydney
Divisions: Women, Men

Boutique modelling agency Five Twenty are known for selecting models with unique features who can effortlessly represent global fashion trends.

Five Twenty is one of the top modelling agencies in Sydney because they represent talent who are passionate, professional and of course not too bad on the eyes.

They mainly focus on commercial and editorial work and represent both men and women. Some of their notable clients include Vogue, Fashion Journal and Harpers Bazaar.

Brooklyn Models

Boutique: Melbourne
Divisions: Women, Men, Non-Binary, Curve, Classic, Families, Actors, Creatives

Established in 2006 (formerly known as Brazen Models), Brooklyn Models has 15+ years of experience of meeting the needs of their clients, big and small, throughout Australia and overseas.

Brooklyn Models is a boutique agency; clients and their models receive a very hands-on, personalised service and all of the benefits that come with working with a dedicated, capable team. Their models receive training upon joining the agency, before they undertake any model jobs, to ensure they not only meet clients’ expectations on set, though also strive to exceed them.

Brooklyn Models is a progressive agency that adapts to the ever-changing fashion landscape. They’ve built a reputation to become one of the top Australian model agencies through their passion for diversity and inclusivity, which is evident in the beautiful range of talent they represent.

Bump Models

Locations: Australia-wide
Divisions: Pregnant, Mother/Child, Father/Child, Real Families, Cheeky (newborn-15 years), Street Cast (Acting, Presenting, Extras)

Bump Models™ launched in 2008 as a niche model agency in Sydney representing talent for fashion and commercial roles. They have evolved to also be renowned as Australia’s ONLY Pregnancy Modelling Agency in the Southern hemisphere. 

Clients can book a variety of Models from High Fashion to Girl Next Door. They work with clients for model and acting roles across fashion, lingerie, fitness, advertising, presenting, editorial, TV, commercials, body doubles, and extras work. Bump Models™ are especially popular for their newborn babies, toddlers, juniors & teens up to 15 years old (they call this division “Cheeky Bumps). Twins and triplets are in demand for regular TV roles, and are open to a vast array of talent with different looks; diverse ethnicity, shapes, sizes, skills, experience, disability – you name it and they’d love to work with you. 

Bump Models™ have had the honour of collaborating directly with International Directors on projects ranging from blockbuster movies, with featured & speaking roles, to high-end international TV commercials. For 13+ years they have built numerous reliable and long-lasting relationships with well-known companies in the creative industry, locally and abroad. Working with real families as opposed to strangers adds a genuine portrayal and natural glow to a production that is extremely difficult to replicate. Bump Models™ have been able to grow immensely over the years to service a unique client base for this reason. 

Bump Models™ are often referred to as “baby gurus”. If you have seen a birthing scene in a show that was filmed in Australia, or perhaps that of a particularly adorable baby in a TV Commercial, it was more than likely produced by them. They are often contacted by other companies for advice on baby related projects and alike, because they have years of experience in the particular field. They actively follow and promote a strict safe working environment for children: Kids Guardian

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Harvey James Management

Boutique: Hobart, Perth
Divisions: Women, Men, Talent, Development
, Events

Harvey James Management is a boutique model agency, talent development company & event consultation business headquartered in both Hobart, Tasmania and Perth, Western Australia.

HJM offers models for commercial, editorial, runway, pageant, and promotional work. Since launching in 2016, they have quickly gained a reputation for providing quality models for campaigns. HJM events have provided models with more work than ever, growing the business’ reputation as the go-to solution for training, events, special appearances & models.

As a newcomer to the industry, this is the best place to start. The HJM boutique program is designed to train fresh talent in a modern and relevant environment, focusing on each individual, designing a career around their models’ natural abilities. They offer teachings in presentation and deportment, and also in business and life skills. The forward-thinking modules include social media etiquette, personal branding, pageant training, skin care and management, and fashion photography theory and history.

Bettina Management

Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast
Divisions: Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen (3months – 16 years)
, Families + Twins

Established in 1992, Bettina Management is an exclusive child talent agency and an industry leader in the placement of talent in TV commercials, TV shows, film and catalogues. Their talent features in fashion parades, musical theatre, mini-series, productions, promotions and events. There is every chance you have seen Bettina talent shine on your TV screens or on billboards in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Gold Coast!

Bettina Management represents talent from 3 months to 16 years, and families. They hold complimentary personal interviews to ensure they handpick children of engaging temperament and with unique looks.

Bettina Management pride themselves on developing long-standing relationships with their expansive client list and offer the absolute best exposure for Australian talent. Their distinctive professionalism and prompt service are evident in dealing with parents and clients alike. This has allowed Bettina Management to remain as a pioneer in the dynamic and ever-changing media and entertainment industry.

The Models

Location: Adelaide
Divisions: Women, Development, Special Bookings

The Models are an Adelaide based model agency born from a desire to see change within the local industry, adopting a fresh attitude by going back to basics to the true definition of the word AGENT. Established in January 2018, The Models runs by a simple philosophy: “By the models. For the models. With the models”. Founded by Rebecca Lawrence and Letitia Fitzpatrick, two women with over 40 years experience between them both as models themselves and as Model Managers, The Models knows what it’s like to be in a model’s shoes as well as what a model expects from agency representation. 

The Models pride themselves on working tirelessly for their models, ensuring every opportunity is presented and offered, being an agency that works for their models, not the other way around. The Models ensure their models are always included in every decision throughout their careers. They offer on-the-job training as they believe this provides a more thorough understanding of the fashion industry, learning through experience. 

The Models openly and actively supports The Model Alliance and its beliefs around model rights, health, safety and full transparency.

Merci Management

Location: Sydney
Divisions: Women, International/In Town

*A newcomer to watch. Proudly launched in 2021, Merci Management shows appreciation to the talent that is undiscovered, and excited to be uncovered. Founded by Thomas Gillmann and Alexis Elliot, formerly from a working background with Chic Management, they are both experienced and passionate industry insiders. 

Merci Management is borne from a strong conviction that new and emerging talent deserves a representation that truly reflects the unique nature of every individual entrusted to their care.They acknowledge their talent who are yet to reach their full potential and recognise those who are well established and looking for their next adventure. 

They have been quoted “It is a humbling privilege to represent and mentor talent and one we take personally. 2021 is a year so brimming with promise after the challenging year that’s just passed, so we say merci (thank you) for this bright sparkling new beginning and look forward to taking you on this journey with us as we discover, nurture and elevate the abundance of talent on our shores and beyond.”

Thomas Gillmann has 15 years of international editorial, production, contract negotiation, and talent management experience, with a global eye for identifying exceptional qualities that resonate with the evolving focus on diversity and inclusion that is at the forefront of international talent briefs for editorial and runway in 2021 and beyond. 

The Merci approach is a combination of creative, personalised talent management, that incorporates trust, the highest ethical standards, and a focus on the social values that look to a future of inclusion, diversity, and collaboration.

Pride Models

Locations: Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin
Divisions: Women, Junior (female 5+), Development, Promotional 

Launched in 2008, Pride Models takes an individual and nurturing approach to the management of their talent. The majority of the models they represent work across Melbourne & Adelaide, and in most cases can travel between the two. 

Pride Models understand that ‘new faces’ require a balance between schooling and modelling, so they work with parents and guardians to ensure that modelling doesn’t negatively impact on academic priorities. Pride Models scouting predominantly in Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin, and have discovered some of the most sought after new faces in the industry today. 


Boutique: Sydney
Divisions: Talent Management, Development

THE.talent management is an exclusive management service for established, well-known faces in the entertainment industry. Their in-house media services “” boasts a management service for brands, publications, media platforms and podcasts. Their model scouts “THE.scout” is a boutique model management service that concentrates on scouting and developing talent for commercials, print advertising and editorial modelling opportunities. 

Where to from here?

You’ve now got the insiders list of the Top 20 Model Agencies in Australia…what are you going to do with all of this knowledge? Nothing because you think you’re not good enough. Oh no. Star this blog as a favourite in your web browser so you can come back and stalk *cough* research some more? Great answer! 

It’s important to note each of the model agencies listed here have different locations, divisions, and requirements for the models they represent. My personal tip…Research what those requirements are BEFORE you apply. 

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. ~ Michael Jordan.

I hope you found this article helpful and useful. Dreams don’t work unless you do… so work hard, stay safe, and always be courteous.

I wish you the success you work for and deserve!

Ps: This is a quality guide and I don’t mind you sharing it. I’d appreciate it if you follow standard professional etiquette and please quote + credit my content appropriately when you do:

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