What Being A ‘Stay At Home Mother’ Means To Me

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February 2019. With Penelope at 13 weeks
Wearing Kookai + Love To Dream

Penelope is going on 13 weeks and I’m feeling like the most blessed Mumma in the whole world. It’s been a long road and learning process. And with that my own opinion on what defines a ‘stay at home mum’ has evolved.

Disrupting the stereotype

I never thought I’d live to see the day, though I AM PROUD to have that title now. For how long only time will tell. Let’s see how my emotional state or family budgeting goes haha! I’ve waited 35 years for the opportunity; miscarriages, abusive men and all. My life is now cooing, lulling, settling, nappy changes & feeding. Expressing and feeding alone takes up 8 hours in my 24hr day.

What do you do all day?

In my ‘spare time’ I support White Caravan, a charity dedicated to preventing homelessness for women leaving abusive relationships. I work on the national marketing efforts and social media accounts for the Australian Air Force Cadets (where I have been a uniformed member since 1996 and Instructor since 2003), currently ranked a Flight Sergeant. I blog from time to time about the things I love, bring me joy, find useful and like to share to help others create a minimalist, stress-free and organised life. I mentor young girls wanting to get into the model industry and pageants, which is also coaching around personal branding, building self confidence and self esteem.

Who was I before I became a Mother?

My full time career as a graphic designer & marketing strategist; my trade from the age of 18, has taken a back step to motherhood, initiating my emotional and financial reliance on my husband for the time being. This has been the scariest transition for me where I have felt incredible vulnerable. In that mix I’m a model and a mother getting her health/body on track post birth, a wife and step mum. ALL of these elements complete with a pandora’s box of complex experiences. I can’t say I sit at home twiddling my thumbs longing for sh*t to do all the time, nor do I go hunting for drama or gossip. I have enough in my past & present to write a best selling book.

Priorities. Get more brutal with your time.

I know for me excessive amounts of stress plays havoc on my milk supply and I lose sleep. Penelope is a ‘chilled baby’ (as much as can be) because I make it a priority to be chilled out when with her. Toxic people and situations are just plain and simply not worth it. Family, friends and work are all inclusive of this. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact there are only so many hours in the day. And when you start your own family, it’s not that everyone else isn’t important, you just have to unapologetically choose what’s best for YOU and your baby.

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Note to my 20-year-old self:

This is you at 35 enjoying being a stay at home mother. You’ve developed yourself enough that you make no apologies for being brutal with your time. You love what you see in the mirror, challenging or not. You have your health and a thriving, happy baby who is ALL YOURS.

If you can read this, thank you for stopping by!! I imagine you’ve had a similar experience, or perhaps about to embark on the same journey (and if so, congratulations)!! 

Happy Valentines Day (and Galentines Day)!! With Penelope 12 weeks old to the day. 

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